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Can We Eat Anything?
and More Choices
Can We Eat Anything? More Choices
Check out now


Winter classes begin January 2008,
at 8:45am and 5:30pm - Mondays and Thursdays.

Jeanie Weaver "The Great Motivator" and personal fitness trainer will get you moving and feeling fit.

Morning classes emphasize "Exercise Therapy".
Evening classes are more intensive.

For personal help and scheduling call Jeanie
at (248) 446-9176 or (313) 300-0957.
Held at the Metro Adventist School Gymnasium
15585 N. Haggerty Rd. (just N. Of 5 Mile Rd).

Blood Screening - Sunday, March 2, 2008 � 9:00� 11:30am.

Come Fasting After Mid-night.

Also at Metro Adventist School.
Here is your opportunity to obtain over $200 worth of blood tests for just $25.00. The panel includes a Complete Bood Count (RBC, WBC, Differential, Hemoglobin and Hematocrit), Glucose, Creatinine, Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, and Cho/HDL ration. PSA optional at additional cost.

This is such a fun seminar!

Blood Screening Report:
Thursday, March 6, 7:30pm in the fellowship room of the Metropolitan Church complex. This is even more valuable that the tests. Dr. Weaver will give you a complete explanation of the significance of each blood report and answer indiviadual questions. Your doctor can't give you this much time!


Sunday, April 20, 2008 � 2:30 � 5:30pm.
Plymouth Seventh-day Adventist Church
4295 Napier, (between Ann Arbor and Warren Rds.).

This is such a fun seminar!

You will be amazed to discover how these ancient health Principles have been confirmed by modern scientific research.
Dr. Arthur Weaver will show how utilizing the principles from this most ancient literature will help us who live in the 21st century avoid many of the diseases that now plague mankind.
This most interesting and informative program ends with a delicious meal based on the concepts learned in the seminar.
Advance registration is required: To register call the Weavers at (248) 349-5683 or (313) 531 2179


Sunday, March 16, 2008 2:30-5:30pm,
Also at Plymouth SDA Church
This seminar will bring you upto day ont the latest discoveries in the field of nutrition. Good News: Cancer, Heart Disease, Diverticulosis and Diabetes are largely preventable. Proper nutrition is a most effective strategy. In addition to the lectures there will be food demonstrations with recipes and menu plans. Recommended cookbooks will be available for purchase. The program will conclude with a delicious meal.
Suggested donation $10.00.

HEALTH CAMP - "2008" - May 11-18

I suggest you make plans now! Where else can you take such an affordable vacation in a most beautiful location and return home relaxed and refreshed with knowledge that will permit a healthy, disease free lifestyle.

Here at Camp AuSable in the Northern MI woods you may attend the seminars of your choice and enjoy the many recreational opportunities.

Many have found the "Live-In" stop smoking program the answer to a life long smoking habit. Nutrition and cooking classes will teach you how it is possible to prevent heart disease, diabetes and many cancers.

Jeanie Weaver will motivate you to get moving and help you reach and maintain your ideal weight and Dr. Bob Weaver's stress reduction seminar is a camp favorite.

All seminars are presented by professionals with expertise in their fields who volunteer their time to help YOU.

To request a brochure and application, call: (248)349-5683 or (313) 531-2179. Mark your calendars now


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